Megan’s Stolen Fame


When Megan Evans’ Uncle Morgan entered a painting he  thought was Megan’s for the county schools art competition, he did not know that it had really been painted by Margaret Owens, a girl who had died 63 years ago. Megan had found the paintings, with a guitar and Margaret’s diary, in an attic cupboard when the family moved house, and she dreamed that Margaret offered her the guitar on condition that she made the paintings, and Margaret, famous. The painting won, and Uncle Morgan was to proud and happy that Megan could not bear to tell him the truth. Hate spiteful classmate, Sally, heard Megan talking in her sleep, and began to suspect the truth.



  • Megan’s Stolen Fame – Judy: #1153 (13 February  1982) – #1162 (17 April 1982)

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