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Home Alone!


Gina Gordon and Gabby Andrews are fostered by Mr and Mrs Wood. Unfortunately the girls hate each other and each starts playing tricks to get rid of the other. The inevitable result is that both girls are sent back to the Children’s Home in disgrace. Gabby and Gina now realise their folly, but need to come up with a way to convince the Woods of this.



  • Artist: Julio Bosch (Martin Puigagut?)


  • Home Alone!  Bunty: 2000 (11 May  1996) –  #2011 (27 July 1996)

Sorry, Sue


Janie Clarke is now ashamed of how her jealousy made foster-girl Sue Grant so miserable that she went back to the children’s home. A year later they meet up again in a new locality and school. Janie is trying to find a way to convince Sue of her contrition. But her attempts always go wrong and give the impression she is still persecuting Sue.



  • Artist: Paddy Brennan


  • Sorry, Sue – M&J:  #34  (4 January 1991) –  #41 (February 22 1992)