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Heritage Comics – Spellbound Volume 1

Three years there was great excitement when spooky storyteller, Damian Darke appeared on Twitter hinting at a Spellbound revival –

“For four long decades nothing has stirred in these shadows except memories, but now a sigh, a shiver, a whisper as of dark wings beating, or perhaps of pages fluttering in some vast and echoing library…and as Halloween approaches, something awakens…”

Then it was revealed that a digital volume of Spellbound, reprinting “I Don’t Want to Be a Witch” and Damian Darke stories would be released. Suddenly just at it was due to be released the twitter account was deleted, and all traces of it disappeared… a Halloween mystery at the time!  I checked on Comixology at the time, despite promotional material no longer available and was pleased to see that it was there to purchase, but then soon after it was taken off that platform as well! It seems they was some some background reshuffling in the DCT Heritage Comics department. There were rumours of plans for it to be released again, but as the years passed it seemed it was lost in the mist of times, until suddenly for this Halloween it has been released and even more exciting, a launch of new range of digital releases of their archives (also including Commando and Warlord) that will release at the end of each month. More information on Downthetubes website. These books now available to purchase on Amazon.

For Spellbound Volume 1 there is plenty to enjoy. Including reprinting 13 tales from Damian Darke, and in some cases the 1/2 page Special Spellbound text feature, that would come after a shorter story.  Some of my favourite stories make an appearance including Mystery at Howlen Hall, Swamp of Evil and The Cavalier’s Cloak. Other reprints included are a Nightmare text story and several Spellbound covers. Then  we get the full length serial “I Don’t Want to Be a Witch” which appeared in the first fifteen issues of Spellbound, drawn by Norman Lee and a new 6 page sequel to the story with Celia’s daughter, Sophia taking the lead with an ending caption box promising we’ll find out more soon. Another new story starts the book, a chilling Damian Darke tale where two girls Mackenzie and Gwen break into an old house and Mackenzie finds some old spooky comics… a definite fun addition to the Damian Darke collection.

Evidently it’s a very full book and the digital quality is good, with cleaned up and sharp art (especially in comparison  to the tattered yellowing versions of these comics, I’m used to reading!).  The  stories are as engaging as ever and it it is also a thrill to see newer takes on old stories. I am glad that other people will get to enjoy this book now, and I will look forward to what the next edition brings.