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Star of the Silver Pool (1983)


Invalid Alison West’s mother, a top diving coach, has disappeared in a plane crash so Alison has been sent to live with her cruel uncle and aunt and their selfish daughter, Brenda. Alison discovers a mysterious silver pool deep in a forest. There, with the aid of a mysterious voice, she starts learning to dive, and also begins to secretly use Brenda’s personal gym for the same purpose.

Despite her aunt’s decision to lock her in the cellar to prevent her from getting to the diving championships in the nearby town, Alison manages to escape with the help of a mysterious monk. A neighbour drives her to the venue, where she becomes county champion. Outside the building the monk appears again and leads her to a waiting car belonging to Mr Bundock, the family solicitor. When Alison asks where they are going he says he is to take her to the appointed place, which is an airport. The plane takes her to the very place in the Tibetan Himalayas where her mother’s plane had crashed over a year earlier. There she sees her silver pool and the face of her mother. She feels guilty about letting her mother down but her mother disagrees. When Alison turns round she sees her flesh-and-blood mother who has been cared for by the monks since the crash. A monk tells Alison that her mother had only been able to recover because her daughter had been strong too. The monk tells them that the work of the pool is over, and it is now time for them to return to their own world, time to begin their lives again.



  • Star of the Silver Pool – Suzy: #35 (7 May 1983) – #50 (20 August 1983)


Her Highness of the High-Board


Princess Valentina of Japota is a brilliant high-diver. Ivy Graham, a sports mistress, brings her to a British school to train her to be a champion. But enemies of Valentina’s mother start causing trouble in order to undermine relations between Britain and Japota.

Highness   (click on thumbnail  for bigger picture)


  • Artist: Stanley Houghton?
  • Translated into Dutch: Debbie Parade Album #21


  • Her Highness of the High-Board –  Debbie:  #70 (15 June 1974) – #92 (16 November 1974)
  • Reprinted – Debbie: #465 (9 January 1982) – #487 (12 June 1982)