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Before the Light Goes…


Beth Marshall was left to support her brothers and sisters when her mother died. To her horror, Beth realised that she was losing her sight, and she became desperate to provide a future for the younger children before the blindness overtook her. Beth’s ruthless landlord, Mr Crumley, employed her as a seamstress.

before the light goes


  • Artist: Hugh Thornton-Jones
  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as “Ik laat jullie niet in de steek” (“I Won’t Abandon You”) – Tina #16/1990-#28/1990


  • Before the Light Goes… – Tracy: #189 (14 May 1983) – #206 (10 September 1983)
  • Reprinted  –  Judy: #1517 (4 February 1989) – #1534 (3 June 1989)

A Mill Girl’s Story


England, 1830, and Sarah Deeping, with  her young brother, Samuel, and her widowed mother, had been forced to leave their Norfolk village to seek employment in the woollen mills of the North. Sarah and Sam worked at Hurn’s Mill, while Mrs Deeping gave some of the mill workers’ children an elementary schooling.

mill girls story


  • Art: Paddy Brennan


  • A Mill Girl’s Story –  Judy:  #1134 (03 October 1981) – #1145 (19 December 1981)

The Faith and Hope of Charity Brown


In Britain in 1931, life was very grim – no welfare state, no National Health and very little employment. For Charity eldest daughter of the Brown family, times were extremely hard. Her  mother had died and her father had gambled away the family fortune. Later he married again, but this was another disaster.  One day, Charity discovered her father and his new wife had stolen money from a famous violinist.

charity brown



  • Artist: Terry Aspin


  • The Faith and Hope of Charity Brown–  Bunty:  #1183 (13 September 1980) – #1215 (25 April 1981)

Other Appearances:

  • The Faith and Hope of Charity Brown – Bunty Annual 1983