A Doll Called Dinkydou


The story of a doll with  a defect searching for a home, told from the doll’s point of view.



  • A Doll Called Dinkydou –  Bunty:  no issue dates (1960s)
  • Reprinted – Bunty: #1112 (05 May 1979) – (?)


4 thoughts on “A Doll Called Dinkydou

  1. I can only remember one frame from this story, but that very vividly: a spoilt, nasty girl holding Dinkydou and saying, ‘Silly, one-eared doll! I don’t like you!’ and Dinkydou thinking, ‘The feeling’s mutual, I’m sure!’

    1. I don’t have that particular panel, but I’ve uploaded another one, that shows poor Dinkydou having a hard time!

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