A Doll Called Dinkydou


The story of a doll with  a defect searching for a home, told from the doll’s point of view.



  • A Doll Called Dinkydou –  Bunty:  #596 (14 June 1969) – #614 (18 October 1969)
    • Reprinted – Bunty: #1112 (05 May 1979) – #1130 (September 8 1979
  • A Doll Called Dinkydou – Bunty #663 (26 September 1970) -#673 (5 December 1970)


10 thoughts on “A Doll Called Dinkydou

  1. I can only remember one frame from this story, but that very vividly: a spoilt, nasty girl holding Dinkydou and saying, ‘Silly, one-eared doll! I don’t like you!’ and Dinkydou thinking, ‘The feeling’s mutual, I’m sure!’

    1. I don’t have that particular panel, but I’ve uploaded another one, that shows poor Dinkydou having a hard time!

  2. ‘A Doll Called Dinkydou’, Lorraine, ran in BUNTY 596 (June 14 1969) – 614 (October 18 1969), and in 1112 (May 5 1979) – 1130 (September 8 1979).

    Yes, Quiet Storm, a poor bedside manner she certainly has. Long hours, low pay, demanding patients, and a couple of months behind with the mortgage payments might well be to blame.

  3. Did Dinkydou at any point fall overboard on a ship?
    That idea is buried somewhere in the dark recesses of my brain but I could be completely wrong

  4. There is another “A Doll Called Dinkydou”, which begins in Bunty #663 (September 26, 1970 and ends in Bunty #673 (December 5, 1970. In this one she belongs to a children’s home. There is also a third “A Doll Called Dinkydou” published in 1969. In this one she seems to belong to a Great Dane named Betty. I only have one issue of this story (# 608, September 6, 1969) so I don’t know when it starts or ends.

    1. The 608 issue would seem to be part of the original story. I didn’t realise it had a sequel though. M&J had a similar story Cuddles, in this case it was a teddy bear rather than a doll trying to find a home.

      1. It is. I just wasn’t paying attention. That explains why the second one says “By popular request – the return of a lovable Bunty favorite”.

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