Beggars’ Academy


Orphan Sarah Blane was sure she had found her long lost sister, Martha, working for a mysterious woman called ‘The Duchess’ who ran a school for beggars. Sarah was determined to win the girl’s confidence and affection, so that they could be reunited and live together with Sarah’s guardians. Sarah joins the academy  in the hopes of getting close to ‘Martha’.

beggars academy



  • Beggars’ Academy–  Bunty:  #1274 (12 June 1982) – #1286 (4 September 1986)


6 thoughts on “Beggars’ Academy

  1. Amazing story!!! My favourite as a kid x i still remember it in such detail x its only now i appriciate the brilliant artwork x i hope the artist got recognition for this brilliant work x

    1. I’m not sure who the artist was, and I don’t have the complete story but I’d love to be able to give credit to those responsible as what I have read was very well done.

  2. ”Beggars’ Academy” ended in BUNTY 1286 (September 4 1986). Please note, Lorraine, that you will need to correct your spelling by moving the apostrophe one letter to the right in all three instances.

  3. Just happy to be in a position to help. We are all working for the benefit of every other interested individual.

  4. I loved this story! The opening episode was in one of the first Buntys I ever read. I can remember it so clearly. The two sister lost their parents in a train crash. The elder sister was able to track down the younger one, Clover, as they had matching birthmarks on their wrists. So many cliff hangers! So much drama! I still have some Buntys with the later episodes but not the whole thing sadly. I would love to read it all again!

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