The Stealer of Skills


Helen Tate and the other girls who were pupils of Madams Lamarr’s ballet school were on tour, proving Madam. Lomarr’s claim that she was bringing together the greatest, ballet company in the world. The girls did not know that their new-found skills had been transferred to them from leading ballerinas. Madame Lamarr and her assistant, Karl, made each transfer with a strange machine. Now, the brilliant new stars were a sensation, wherever they went.

stealer of skills


  • Artist: Matías Alonso


  • The Stealer of Skills– Judy:  #610 (18 September 1971) – #624 (25 December 1971)
  • Reprinted – Judy: #947 (04 March 1978) – #961 (10 June 1978)
  • Reprinted – Judy: #1477 (30 April 1988) – #1491 (6 August 1988)

2 thoughts on “The Stealer of Skills

  1. The concept underpinning The Stealer Of Skills and the essence of the plot have been borrowed from The Punch Pirate, a boxing serial in text form in The Wizard in 1948.

  2. It’s interesting how many stories that originally came from Boy’s Comics and were reworked for girls. Goes to show that many stories can appeal to either gender.

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