The Truth about Wendy [1989]


Every week the splash panel opens with Wendy Ware as the centre of attention. To all appearances Wendy is a kind hearted, angelic girl who is popular with everyone – except one. In the background there is an unhappy someone who knows differently about Wendy.

In flashback, they tell us how they foul fell of Wendy, who is really a nasty, selfish and extremely clever schemer who stops at nothing and nobody to get what she wants. Usually this means people who are in her way or people she took advantage of, but Wendy is also capable of hurting friends and even members of her own family. She always gets what she wants and ends up the centre of admiration in the last panel, while her victim ends up with a blackened name and thinking “Only I know the truth about Wendy.” None of them ever seem to think that she might have done the same thing to others.

The Truth about Wendy

In the penultimate episode, Wendy steals Cindy Baker’s best friend Lisa because she wants to take advantage of the new wealth Lisa’s family have come into. But in this case Cindy becomes determined to expose Wendy.

However, Cindy has no luck in trying to talk sense into Lisa about how Wendy is taking advantage of her to get what she wants. Worse, Cindy keeps falling into traps set by Wendy to make her look jealous and spiteful. Eventually, Wendy brags to Cindy about how she will never succeed in exposing her; she is just like the people Wendy has fooled in the past, and she is expert in getting her own way and making others pay for it. However, a teacher overhears Wendy and sends her straight to the headmistress. Wendy has no choice but to confess all her crimes. She is transferred to another school and leaves a lot of smiling faces around the school. Cindy and Lisa realise they were not the only ones to know the truth about Wendy.



  • The Truth about Wendy – Mandy:  (?) – #1168 (3 June1989)

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