Debbie’s Debt


Paula Swan is jealous of Debbie Conroy because Debbie is popular whilst she is not. So just before Debbie enters a cycling event, Paula tampers with her brakes. When this causes Debbie to have a bad accident, Paula happens to be on the scene to the rescue. The Conroy family now think they are in debt to Paula, and as they are wealthy, Paula is out to take advantage of their gratitude for all it is worth.

debbie debt


  • Artist: Eduardo Feito


  • Debbie’s Debt ¬†Bunty: #1995 (6 April 1996) – #2008 (6 July¬† 1996)

3 thoughts on “Debbie’s Debt

  1. “Debbie’s Debt” ends in Bunty #2008 (July 6, 1996). It is in Bunty #1999 (May 4,1996), but this is not the beginning.

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