The Computer Wore Pigtails / Electra the Sister with the Transistors


Young Sally Gleade was given the job of “sister” to Transy, the first computer to look and act like a twelve-year-old schoolgirl. The experiment was being conducted by I.T.M.—Imperial Transistor Machines—for whom Sally’s father worked. Sally had to feed Transy with special plastic programmes to enable her to take port in the various activities at Leewood School.

computer pigtails



  • The Computer Wore Pigtails – Mandy: circa #42 (4 November 1967) – #48 (16 December 1967)
  • Reprinted as Electra the Sister with the Transistors – Mandy: #462 (22 November 1975) – #470 (17 January 1976)

3 thoughts on “The Computer Wore Pigtails / Electra the Sister with the Transistors

  1. I was trying to remember the title of this series! I remember the 1967 version, especially the issue where Transy had been programmed to tell the truth at the cost of any tact whatsoever … including telling a fellow pupil that her new hairstyle didn’t suit her because ‘short hair should never be worn by girls with over-fat faces.’ (Or words to that effect.)

  2. Hi! I’ve recently scanned a few Mandy issues for, and have found some more Transy stories in them! Can definitely confirm she appears in no. 42, 44, 45 & 46!

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