Noona of the North


Follows the adventures of Eskimo, Noona and her faithful husky,  White Fang.



  • Title (and story) appears to be influenced by  the 1922 documentary “Nanook of the North”


  • Noona of the North– Diana: #205 (21 January 1967) – #211 (4 March 1967)
  • Noona of the North (2) – Diana: #213 (18 March 1967) – #222 (30 May 1967)
  • Noona of the North (3) – Diana: #231 (22 July 1967) – #241 (30 September 1967)


4 thoughts on “Noona of the North

  1. According to my British Library notes there were two distinct series of Noona Of The North in 1967. The first ran from 213 (March 18 1967) to 222 (May 20 1967). The second ran from 231 (July 22 1967) to 241 (Sep. 30 1967). A brief note that I made at the time about the second one says ‘new adventure’.

  2. Actually there were three. The first ran from 205 (Jan. 21 1967) to 211 (March 4 1967). My problem in this whole area is the difficulty of getting hold of issues of DIANA between 199 (Dec. 10 1966) and 224 (June 3 1967) because they all contain instalments of The Avengers. As far as writing summaries for my book is concerned, I’ll just have to bite the bullet and go down to the British Library again because between 199 and 224 are The Ugly Duckling, Ingrid At Push-Button Academy, Anita, The Magic Mirror, Noona Of The North, The Seven Sisters, Penny In The Bottle, Suzette Of The Silver Sword, most of The Courage Of Wendy Evans, The Goal-Scorer, Jane – Model Miss and The Girls From N.O.O.D.L.E.S., all but one episode of The Gipsy’s Challenge, and early episodes of Too Tall For Her Class, Jungle Nurse, Adrian’s Wall, and Sadie Macbeth, many of which are worthy of being considered for a synopsis in my book. Photocopies of any of the above would be very welcome!

    1. I can help out with scans from issues 213, 214 and 216 but that’s about it. I’ll email you them when I get a chance.

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