Doctor Fido


Thirteen year old Sally Downes lived at Bridge House Children’s Home where she liked helping out with the younger children. When an injured dog wandered into the grounds, Sally took care of him, and he bacame a firm favourite with the children, who named him Doctor Fido.

A different version turns up in a Bunty Picture Story Library book. Nurse Jill Elliot gets a job at Endervale Children’s Home and brings her dog Fido, who she’s owned since he was a pup. The Matron isn’t too happy but the children beg her to let the dog stay and they nickname him Doctor Fido.



  • Doctor Fido –  Bunty:  #1687 (12 May 1990)  –  #1697 (21 July 1990)

Other Appearances:

  • Doctor Fido – Bunty Picture Story Library: #359



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