Debbie at the School for Horses


Debbie Marsh isis the daughter of a baker’s roundsman and is delighted when she gets to attend the White Horse Vale Riding School. Her expenses are paid by   Major Webb-Grant as he is grateful for her looking after his horses. She becomes head girl of one of the yards, which means looking after three horses and eighteen others and their grooms.

debbie at school of horses

(Debbie at the School for Horses – 1960)

debbiehorses 1985

(Debbie at the School for Horses – 1985)


  • First appeared as a text story, it was later updated into picture story format.
  • Unusually the first episode (Judy #03) was in a picture story format before switching to text the next issue.


  • Debbie at the School for Horses (text story) – Judy: #03 (30 January 1960) – #14 (16 April 1960)
  • Reprinted (as picture story) – Judy and Tracy:  #1302 (22 December 1984) – #1312 (2 March 1985)


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