The Teaser Twins


A humour strip with twins, Penny and Jenny. When people try to con them they usually get the better of them. Although sometimes they not as clever as they like to think! Their mother is a film star and they travel around the world with her. Later they join a drama school and come in conflict with their teacher a lot. More bizarre adventures have them befriending an alien, time travelling and getting stuck in Stone Age and in the future and finding a magical imp.

the teaser twins


  • Art: Gordon Bell


  • The Teaser Twins  Penny and Jenny– Judy: 02 (23 January 1960) –  78 (08 July 1961)
  • The Teaser Twins at Drama School – Judy: 79 (15 July 1961) – ?
  • The Teaser Twins in the Stone Age – Judy: circa 154  (22 December 1962) – 204?
  • The Teaser Twins – Judy: circa 215 (22 February 1964) – 227 (16 May 1964)
  • The Teaser Twins -Judy: circa 325 (02 April 1966) – 360?

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