Heather in Italy / Heather in Austria


Heather Gordon, a clever wee Scots lassie, enters an adult art competition and, by mistake, is awarded one of the top prizes — a tour of Italian art centres. The other prize-winners are a snooty group of grown-ups who resent little Heather’s presence on the tour very much. But trust Heather to take care of herself.

Later Heather’s skills as a painter wins her an invitation to an arts festival held by Madame Frankel at Schloss Isel, her castle in Austria. Again some of the arty types try to make things uncomfortable for Heather but she can take care of herself.

heather in italy



  • Heather in Italy – Judy:  #58 (18 February 1961) – #89 (23 September 1961)
  • Heather in Austria – Judy:  (?) – #305 (13 November 1965)

Other Appearances:

  • Heather in Italy – Judy for Girls 1962 (annual

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