Bethea and the Brahan Seer


In the 17th. Century, the days when Chieftains ruled the clans in the Scottish Highlands, young Bethea is forced to flee from her home when her aunt tries to poison her. Accompanied by Kenneth Odhar, a seer, she seeks employment at Castle Brahan, the home of the Earl of Seaforth and his proud wife.

bethea the seer



  • Bethea and the Brahan Seer – Judy:  #372 (25 February 1967) – #380 (22 April 1967)


2 thoughts on “Bethea and the Brahan Seer

  1. ‘Bethea And The Brahan Seer’ ends in JUDY 380 (April 22 1967), Lorraine, not in 381 as you have stated above. Its replacement in 381 is ‘The Silver Secret’.

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