Crazy Days for Caroline


The Metro Ballet Company, under Madame Paverini, was reviving a ballet, “Paris La Nuit”, that had not been performed for 36 years. Caroline Leighton was dancing the leading role with Michael Ashley as principal male dancer. Since starting rehearsals, Caroline had been acting oddly, seeming to fall into a trance on stage. Other people had also been affected by strange dizzy spells, which no one could explain. Barbara Yates, Caroline’s best friend, suspected Pop Dancy, the stage doorkeeper, of having something to do with the happenings.

crazy days for caroline


  • Translated into Dutch as “Het ongeluksballet”,  in Tina #2/1976-16/1976. Reprinted in Tina Dubbeldik Stripalbum #2 (1981).


  • Crazy Days for Caroline – Judy:  #793 (22 March 1975) – #802 (24 May 1975)



6 thoughts on “Crazy Days for Caroline

  1. ‘Crazy Days For Caroline’ ran in JUDY between 793 (March 22 1975) and 802 (May 24 1975). It was replaced in 803 by ‘Junior Nanny’.

  2. Can’t be certain from this example, but the artist looks like Phil Gascoine. He did do a few things for Judy around this time.

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