My Brother Barney


June Jackson’s  brother Barney had fallen for  film star, Suzy Trafford, and entered a competition to find the new leading man for her next picture. June decided to help—or hinder—as Barney preferred to call it.

my brother barney


  • Art: Ian Kennedy
  • Art: Robert Hamilton (Judy Annual 1975)


  • My Brother Barney – Judy: #733 (26 January 1974) – #745 (20 April 1974)
  • My Brother Barney – Judy: #795 (05 April 1975) – #806 (21 June 1975)

Other Appearances:

  • My Brother Barney – Judy Annual 1975
  • My Brother Barney – Judy Annual 1976


1 thought on “My Brother Barney

  1. A very funny story. In the Netherlands it was published in 1976 as ‘My brother Bob’ (Mijn broer Bob), because Barney is not a name used over here.

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