The Lady is a Champ


Lady Elizabeth Ellsworth, a fifteen-year-old girl, is being trained by her Aunt Ellen to win an Olympic Gold Medal. Lady Elizabeth wins a place in the Olympic team, and three girls, Spike, Butch and Fiona, arrive at Marestone to train in Lady Elizabeth’s private swimming pool. Aunt Ellen has just announced that, at the Games, Lady Elizabeth will not be allowed to stay in the Olympic Village, but will stay privately with her.

lady is a champ


  • Translated and re-printed into Dutch as ‘De lady is een ster’ (The lady is a star’) – Tina [1980] (16 episodes)


  • The Lady is a Champ – Judy: #481 (29 March 1969) –  #495 (05 July 1969)
  • Reprinted – Judy: #982 (04 November 1978) –  #997 (17 February 1979)


2 thoughts on “The Lady is a Champ

  1. Was this story re-edited or did the original have a double episode? I noticed from the information above that the original seems to have been running for 15 episodes and the reprint 16 episodes.

    In the Netherlands this story had 16 episodes, published in Tina in 1980 as ‘De lady is een ster’ (The lady is a star’).

    1. Hi Marc, I don’t have the original to double check right now, if that is just a typo on my part or if there was a double episode. There are some anomalies I’ve found in reprints at times Fran -Friend for A Year is one where there appears to be 2 extra episodes in the reprint, it was more common to have the reprint not having as much episodes as the original.

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