The Dancing Donnellys


Canadians Jane and Joe Donnelly have been brought up in a strictly-run sect, The Children of Carona. They have to get special dispensation from their sect to pursue ice-skating careers. Then disaster strikes when Joe’s sight begins to fail, and the beliefs of their sect forbid him from seeking treatment. Their trainer, Myra Calvert, investigates the sect, and discovers it is being run by racketeers – who are now out to kill the Donnellys.

dancing donnellys


  • Artist: Matías Alonso
  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as “De Donnellys ” – Debbie (Holco Publications, 1976 series) #2 (“Debbie’s groot verhalenboek”).


  • The Dancing Donnellys – Bunty: #876 (26 October 1974) –  #889 (25 January 1975)

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