Puny Penny


Puny Penny Puttick, from Little Leening, had been picked by a computer for training at a special college for future sports champions. Penny had been a flop at everything, but the Principal, Professor Hardknutt, and her governors had complete faith in their computerised selection system. Penny had great faith in herself and decided to tone up her muscles with a special exerciser which she had sent for by mail order.

puny penny


  • Artist: Rodney Sutton


  • Puny Penny   Judy:  #1077 (30  August 1980) – #1086 (01 November 1980)

3 thoughts on “Puny Penny

  1. I saw this artwork being credited to Geoff Jones but now I am no longer sure it is accurate as totally different looking artwork has been credited to Geoff Jones.

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