The Flying Milkmaid


Tina Trotter, a brilliant natural runner, was being trained by athletics coach Madge Keen, who also made Tina a guest at the exclusive Seadune Athletics Club. Tina had learned her running on her daily milk-round,  and her main concern in life was Baldy, the horse who had pulled the milk-cart. The Club officials soon realised that they had a star runner in Tina and, to humour her, had agreed to stabling Baldy in the Club grounds.

flying milkmaid


  • Artist: Oliver Passingham
  • The story is influenced by the 1956  text story “The Flying Milkman” in Adventure


  • The Flying Milkmaid – Judy: #632 (19 February 1972) –  #643 (6 May 1972)
  • Reprinted – Judy:  #1073 (02  August  1980) – #1084 (18 October 1980)

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  1. The Flying Milkmaid is heavily influenced by the text serial The Flying Milkman in Adventure1638 (Jun. 9 1956) – 1646 (Aug. 4 1956).

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