Sue Sprinter


After buying a statuette of an ancient Greek  runner called Laonicus, Sue Sprinter became obsessed with winning. She won the school hundred metres and helped her school relay team to victory at the inter-school sports. But she was strangely unaware of how nastily she acted at times.



  • Art: Colin Merrett
  • Reprinted and translated into Dutch as “De geheime kracht van Laonicus” (“Laonicus’ Secret Force”) – Peggy + plus #11 (1985/6)


  • Sue Sprinter–  Judy: #1225 (02 July 1983) – #1240 (15 October 1983)

6 thoughts on “Sue Sprinter

    1. ‘De geheime kracht van Laonicus’ was first published in Peggy 6 of 1984. Peggy Plus #11 is from 1985/86. 1983 is the year this story was published in Judy.

        1. Last Dodo has a lot of mistakes, because it is like Wikipedia: everybody can add and change pages. Half of this series should be from 1983, if Last Dodo would be right, but only four (and in later years two) of these books were published each year.
          Holco published their monthly magazines, and after a year the covers were torn off the returns and three or four (depending on the magazine) of these were bundled and published as a book. (Peggy Plus, Debbie Super Stripstory, Marsika Starstrip, etc.).

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