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  1. I think this series also appeared in the late ’60s – and the illustration above refers to a COLOUR television as something special. I seem to remember a family being rather cross because they saw Susie trying to watch their television by peering through their letter box …

    1. Ah, the days when colour tv’s were luxuries instead of being everywhere as they are now. Hard to imagine for this generation, I’m sure.

  2. As Susie Square-Eyes is a one-page comedy strip rather than a serial, and therefore not under consideration for inclusion in my next book, I hadn’t bothered to note down its details. Her first appearance seems to have been in MANDY 684 (Feb. 23 1980). She also appeared in 687 (Mar. 15 1980), 688, 690, in which she watches her neighbour’s TV through his lounge window, probably the episode that Jane is slightly misremembering, and 691 (Apr. 12 1980). I have checked the issue numbers as far as 700 but there are no more episodes up to that point. Readers will have been breathing a sigh of relief, I imagine, despite the fact that to compensate there were several decent serials running, such as Diana And The Doomstone, The Cat With 7 Toes, Sogga From The Swamp, and The Secret Life Of Hateful Hattie.

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