The Spaceship in Our Kitchen


A band of aliens, the Jinjees, take up residence in the kitchen of the Hugget family while their spaceship recharges. It is plugged into the kitchen light flex for the very purpose. The Jinjees threaten to “supercallifrate” the Huggets if they tell anyone, but also make themselves helpful to the Huggets. They cook them meals, make them cups of tea, fetch their slippers, etc.


  • Art: George Martin


  • The Spaceship in Our Kitchen – Diana #320 (5th April, 1969) to Diana #339 (16th August, 1969).

9 thoughts on “The Spaceship in Our Kitchen

  1. It may have been harder to reprint Diana stories because of the difference in paper size. I think some of the stories have been reprinted though.

  2. Spellbound had a few other reprints from Diana, Paula and the Wasps of Terror and Marina were reprinted. There was also stories reprinted with new art like Neptune Horse from the deep and The Pink Peril (judy).

  3. I was thinking that the print would be too small after reducing the panels. It looks like that the print was still large enough. Also I tried to enter the beginning issue of “The Girls from N.O.O.D.L.E.S” but the comment would not post. If I try to enter it again is says “duplicate post”.

    1. I just tried a test comment on “The Girls from N.O.O.D.L.E.S” and it worked fine. (I’ve now deleted the comment). I don’t know if it was a temporary server issue, but seems to be okay now.

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