Stories based on the tv series Fame, which follows a group of students New York, performing arts school. The stories usually centered around one student at a time, Coco and Leroy seemed to be most popular characters to get stories.  In one story Coco, a dancer, has her lucky charm taken, she finds the suspect but it wasn’t stolen for the reason she thinks. In another episode, Leroy introduces the class to break dancing.


  • Based on the [1980] film and tv show of the same name, that ran from 1982-1987
  • The story was one of the additions from Tops merger with Suzy.
  • It didn’t appear in every episode as a picture story, instead sometimes it was replaced with a feature about Fame.


  • Fame – Suzy: #75 (11 February 1984) – #104 (1 September 1984)
    • No picture story, Fame Feature instead:  #78, #81, #84, #88 and #93

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