Stella Who? [1965]


Stella is a mystery girl, with even her last name a mystery. She lives alone with her cat Minty at a disused mill. Stella is a brilliant swimmer and her talent is spotted for the British team at the Empire Games. Welfare put Stella in Fairbridge Park, a school for crippled and backward children, and separate her from Minty. Stella runs away to find Minty and has an accident. She gets reunited with Minty, but is sent back to Fairbridge. Mrs Thorne, who is on the Welfare Board, takes Stella in, but this is to stop her being a swimming rival to her daughter Marion. However, Stella’s selector, Jean Roxham, knows about Marion’s hatred of Stella and suspects what is going on.


  • Artist: Peter Kay


  • Stella Who? – Bunty: circa #375 (20 March 1965) – (?)

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