Born to Skate [1959]


Janet Pearce is a promising skater. Her alleged father, Henry Pearce, is out to make money out of his knowledge that Janet’s coach, Mr Lancing, is the one who is her real father. Lancing suspects it himself. Matters come to a head when Pearce takes Janet prisoner and demands ransom money from Lancing. He informs Lancing that Janet is indeed his daughter, and tells Janet her real name is Carol Lancing. Lancing leaves the ransom money for Pearce as agreed, but Pearce does not realise that Lancing is waiting for him and intending to follow him to Carol/Janet. But lightning strikes Pearce dead before he can do that.


  • Art: Ron Smith


  • Born to Skate – Bunty: #52 (January 10 1959) – #67 (25 April 1959)
  • Reprinted: #470 (14 January 1967) – #485 (29 April 1967)

2 thoughts on “Born to Skate [1959]

  1. ‘Born To Skate’ started in BUNTY 52 (January 10 1959) and ended in BUNTY 67 (April 25 1959). According to my notes, the artist was Ron Smith. The first instalment of the reprint appeared in BUNTY 470 (January 14 1967).

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