The Curse of Carlos


When a Spanish ship  was lured on to the rocks a curse was placed on anyone who tried to steal the gold she carried! Years later, Joan’s sister, Maggy, dived with three Americans to recover the gold, but two of the party were drowned. Joan and the other American, Tim, returned but Maggy remained unconscious and icy cold!. The daughter of Juan Carlos then appeared to Joan in a dream and told her that her sister wouldn’t recover until the gold was returned to the wreck. So Joan followed Tim, who had the gold coins, to London, where she discovered that Tim had been mugged and the coins stolen!


  • Art:  Manuel Carmona Ruiz ?


  • The Curse of Carlos – Debbie: #499 (4 September 1982) – #504 (9 October 1982)

3 thoughts on “The Curse of Carlos

  1. A better match still is your example for Debbie’s “The Girl with the Power”, which I missed first time around. Comparing that with Lambiek’s example, I would have thought there was a reasonable chance that they were the same artist.

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