Belinda’s Bonnets (1974)


Belinda Boyd’s father is the curator of a small museum and is given some hats for his collection of period costumes. Whenever Belinda puts one on her head she is transported back in time, getting into trouble each time she does so.  Removing the hat gets her back to the present.


  • Artist: Geoff Jones? Rodney Sutton?
  • No episode #873
  • Translated into Dutch as “De tijdhoeden” (The Time Hats) in Dutch Tina (Oberon, 1972 series) #31/1975 until 50/1975, but not in all issues in between.


  • Belinda’s Bonnets  – Bunty: #868 (31 August 1974) to #875 (19 October 1974)

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