Unbeatable Beatrix


In the year 1990, Riga Cussons is a pupil at a Special Grade School where future sports champions are given specialist coaching under ideal conditions. Riga aims to be a ski champion—Her closest rival, Beatrix Lander, proves hostile and, when Riga asks if she is related to the Beatrix Lander  who was permanently injured trying to become a Junior World Ski Champion twelve years previously, Beatrix vigorously denies any connection. Yet on a visit to the Landers’ house, Riga sees a woman she knows to be the former champion!



  • Unbeatable Beatrix – Judy: #455 (28 September 1968) – #462 (16 November 1968)

2 thoughts on “Unbeatable Beatrix

  1. ‘Unbeatable Beatrix’ runs in JUDY between issue 455 (28 September 1968) and issue 462 (16 November 1968).

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