They’re No Match for Mo! (1977-78)



Mo Miles, the daughter of a rag-and-bone man, is an ace tennis player. She is invited to join a posh tennis club after finding a valuable ring lost by a club member. Nonetheless, she and her father meet constant discrimination from the snobby club members, even when she starts winning tournaments for them. However, Mo can prove she is a match for all opposition, both on and off the tennis court.


  • Artist: Colin Merrett
  • Translated into Dutch as “Geen Partij voor Patty” (No Match for Patty), Debbie Parade Album #27.
  • Reprinted as “Nellie Never-Give-In”, Lucky Charm #12.


  • They’re No Match for Mo! – Bunty: #1031 (15 October 1977) – #1050 (25 February 25 1978)

7 thoughts on “They’re No Match for Mo! (1977-78)

  1. A serial with this title was published in Bunty from 15 October 1977 to around 25 February 1978. It was reprinted in Lucky Charm #12 as “Nellie Never-Give-In”. Artist Colin Merrett.

    I hope this is the right one. It concerns a rag-and-bone man’s daughter who turns out to be an unbeatable tennis player, and I’m not sure how well this fits with the Dutch translation.

    1. Yes, that’s the one. And I would rather translate “partij” with “game” or “match”. (But english is not my native language.)

      1. Thanks for the confirmation, Yuuki.

        Mistyfan, I’ll email you a scan of a few panels from the story, and a brief synopnis, in case this is of use in adding to this post.

  2. Thank you for all your help, Yuuki and Goof.

    Google Translator translated “partij” as “party”, but I think “match” is a better fit, so I changed it accordingly.

  3. “They’re No Match for Mo!” does end in Bunty #1050 (February 25, 1978). It was replaced by “Marinda Mystery Girl of the Sea” in Bunty #1051.

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