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The Double Life of Debbie


Debbie Hart was in trouble for not attending school so she was being supervised by Mrs Bonnington, known as Bonny, a voluntary social worker. But Bonny’s home and lifestyle were very different to Debbie’s, which led to problems, this was not helped by Bonny’s daughter, Liz,  who was out to get rid of Debbie.



  • The Double Life of Debbie – Tracy: #72 (14 February 1981) – #83 (2 May 1981)

Her Guardian Angel


When a new charlady came to work at the home of Charlotte Colwell, the girl became strangely drawn to the woman. Charlotte’s wealthy parents had little time to spend with their daughter, but the charlady quickly saw how lonely the girl was.  Unable to accept t he friendship between Charlotte and the servant, her parents sent her away to a strict school, feeling sure she would never see the charlady again.   Charlotte hated the snobbish school but then charlady got a job at the school.

her guardian angel




  • Her Guardian Angel –  Bunty: #1131 (15 September 1979) – #1147 (05 Jan. 1980)



The Kittens


Katie Briggs and Catriona Challoner lived very different lives — Katie in a poor part of town with her large, crowded family, and Catriona, an only child, with her parents in their luxurious detached house. Then the girls found a family of young kittens whose mother had been killed. Catriona’s mother disliked animals, and Katie’s small brother was allergic to them, so the kittens had to stay in the shed where they were born, and the girls secretly looked after them, although they didn’t always get along.



  • Artist: Guy Peeters


  • The Kittens – M&J: #69 (5 September 1992) – #77 (31 October 1992)