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Georgie and Griff


Georgie Mair had come to Camelot to attend Camelot Ladies’ College and stay with Professor Hyslop, her uncle. Georgie had brought with her, Griff,  her pet griffin—a mystical creature, half eagle, half lion. Griff had one other strange quality—he was invisible!


  • Art: Matias Alonso


  • Georgie and Griff – Bunty: #1030 (8 October 1977) – #1045 (21 January 1978)

Other Appearances:

  • Georgie and Griff – Bunty Summer Special 1978
  • Georgie and Griff – Bunty Annual 1979
  • Georgie and Griff – Bunty Annual 1981

The Invisible Schoolgirl


Ira Insley’s scientist father is kidnapped. During the kidnap he throws a phial out the window and tells Ira to get rid of it at all costs. When the kidnappers make a grab for the phial, Ira swallows it and becomes invisible. Ira’s friend Wendy does what she can to help hide her condition. But in the absence of Ira’s father and the kidnappers coming after her, an antidote is not likely at the present time.




  • The Invisible Schoolgirl –  Bunty: #402 (25 September 1965) – #413 (11 December 1965)

Invisible Isla


Isla Nordon accidentally drinks one of her scientist father’s experimental potions and turns invisible.  Isla wears a skin like latex suit while her father tries to find an antidote.

invisible isla


  • Art: Norman Lee


  • Invisible Isla–  Bunty: #1784 (21 March 1992) – #1795 (6 June 1992)
    • Reprinted: Bunty #2175 (25 September 1999) – #2186 (4 December 1999)
  • Invisible Isla –  Bunty: #1811 (26 Sept 1992) – #1821 (05 Dec 1992)

Other Appearances:

  • Invisible Isla-  Bunty Picture Story Library #363