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Danger Island


Grace, Simon and Tansy Rutherford, while out sailing from an adventure  centre inWales, were hit by a freak storm and blown many miles off course. They beached their damaged dinghy on a deserted island and sheltered for the night in one of the empty houses. Next morning they were spotted by a fishing boat—which deliberately turned and left without picking them up. Then they saw a notice-board with a sinister message – “Danger do not land. Island used for germ warfare experiments in 1940. Deadly virus may still be active.”  While the nearby villagers decided it was safer not to tell anyone and risk them bringing children and the virus back to mainland, tough at least one person drops supplies to them.


  • Art: Don Walker


  • Danger Island – Judy: #1313 (9 March 1985) – #1319 (20 April 1985)