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The Fight Against the Odds


Young Suzy Parker champion all-round athlete, is kidnapped and taken to the island of Calabay, in the Indian Ocean. There she finds that Professor Gilbraith, a millionaire scientist, has produced a group of androids—robots in human form—which he calls the Odds. With them he hopes to prove he can beat the best of the world’s girl athletes, all of whom have also been taken to the island. Then the Professor brings his Odds and the girl athletes to Wembley Stadium, where the great contest begins. Suzy, knowing the others will have to give of their very best to win, has needled them by pretending to be terribly big-headed. This makes the girls vow to beat her, and Suzy knows that if she can force them to excel themselves in doing so, they will beat the Odds as well.


  • Art: Eduardo Feito


  • The Fight Against the Odds – Judy: #474 (8 February 1965) – #480 (22 March 1969)

Lily’s Pink Drink


Lily Millar wants to get rid of her freckles, so she enlists the help of Professor Gudge. He makes different potions, but they don’t have the desired effect. They do have other temporary side effects, though, such as giving her super-strength.




  • The story was reprinted with different artist


  • Lily’s Pink Drink  –  Mandy:  #181 (4 July 1970) – (?)
  • Reprint with new art: Mandy: #557 (17 September 1977) – #569 (10 December 1977)
  • Reprinted: Mandy: #984 (23 November 1985) – (?)