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The Secret of Swan Lake


Katya Reynolds, an orphan was being given ballet lessons by famous ballerina Milada Danyushka, and was being held  in a house on an island owned by her and her maid Irina. The island was being guarded by fierce swans. Both women seemed to fear being discovered and Katya discovers they are in hiding from two men, so she tries and help them.


  • Art: Don Walker


  • The Secret of Swan Lake – Debbie: #364 (2 February 1980) – #375 (19 April 1980)

Revenge of the Black Swan


Sent to stay with her Aunt Adele in a  village on the Norfolk Broads, Karen Briery walked into a sinister situation. Her Aunt Adele was being held prisoner, and while Karen was in the act of rescuing her, the villagers were holding a meeting, deciding how to get rid of Karen. A strange black swan had befriended Karen, and when her rescue of Aunt Adele went wrong the Black Swan appeared to help them.

revenge of the black swan


  • Art: Hernan Antonio Torre Repiso


  • Revenge of the Black Swan – Spellbound: #11 (04 Dec. 1976) – #19 (29 Jan. 1977)