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Danger for Rozelle [1978]


Rozelle, a gipsy orphan, is sold by her parents to the Baroness Kessler, who uses hypnotism to turn Rozelle into a show-jumping success with the Baroness’s horse Midnight. The Baroness cares far more about her horse than she does about Rozelle. A reporter, Jill Wilson, finds out about the hypnotism and is trying to help Rozelle. Then another gipsy, Zara, steals Midnight after a quarrel with the Baroness. Matters come to a head when the Baroness confronts Zara and a fire breaks out.


  • Artist: Hernan Antonio Torre Repiso


  • Danger for Rozelle  – Debbie: #285 (20 July 1978) – #296 (14 October 1978)


Revenge of the Black Swan


Sent to stay with her Aunt Adele in a  village on the Norfolk Broads, Karen Briery walked into a sinister situation. Her Aunt Adele was being held prisoner, and while Karen was in the act of rescuing her, the villagers were holding a meeting, deciding how to get rid of Karen. A strange black swan had befriended Karen, and when her rescue of Aunt Adele went wrong the Black Swan appeared to help them.

revenge of the black swan


  • Art: Hernan Antonio Torre Repiso


  • Revenge of the Black Swan – Spellbound: #11 (04 Dec. 1976) – #19 (29 Jan. 1977)