When a severe drought almost ruins Don Howard’s cattle station at Batwarra, in Australia, he is forced to bring his daughter, Joan,back from college in Melbourne, to help with the station. Joan takes an immediate fancy to Boomerang, a half-broken stallion, which Joan’s father is determined to get rid of, because he is not interested in keeping a horse that cannot work for its living. When the cattle stampede, Joan rides out on Boomerang to help her father, but only succeeds in making matters worse. Boomerang throws her and scatters the herd as he runs away.

Boomerang(Boomerang – 1961)


(Boomerang – 1987, Art: John Armstrong)


  • Also appeared with the subheading “the horse that always comes back”.
  • The story was reprinted but redrawn in 1987.
  • Artist: John Armstrong (1987)


  • Boomerang – Judy:  #88 (16 September 1961) – #115 (24 March 1962)
  • Reprinted (with new art) – Judy and Tracy: #1419 (21 March 1987) – #1432 (20 June 1987)

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