Riding School Rivals


Margie (or Mandy in the reprint) Hayman and Molly Lentham were joint partners in a riding school which they had opened at Hunter Green’s Stables, in the Cotswold village of Mountly. Their school had come into direct  competition with a nearby Riding Academy, a very grand establishment run by Miss Lila Williams who had been involved in several attempts to make the girls close down.

riding school rivals(Riding School Rivals – 1961)

riding rivals2
(Riding School Rivals – 1985,  Art: John Armstrong)


  • Originally a text story, updated to picture story
  • Art: John Armstrong (1985)


  • Riding School Rivals  (text) – Judy:  #75 (17 June 1961) – #85 (26 August 1961)
  • Riding School Rivals  – Judy:  #1314 (16 March 1985) – #1326 (8 June 1985)

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