The Isle of a Million Wings


It is the year 2005 and it seems chemical sprays have wiped out the world’s insect population, including the bees, bringing a dire shortage of food because there are no insects to pollinate the plants.  Jill and Wilma Bright have been banished for one year to a lonely island in the South Atlantic as a punishment for protecting wild birds, which eat precious food stocks.  Jill and Wilma find a boat and set out on a fishing trip, only to be blown by a storm to an unknown island where they discover an old man who has managed to domesticate bees. But now old Mr Duffy has been caught in a squall while attending to the boat and the girls see him being swept out to sea.

isle of a million wings


  • Art: Oliver Passingham


  • The Isle of a Million Wings – Judy:  #285 (26 June 1965) – #293 (21 August 1965)

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