Slaves of the Silver Sphere


Jean Douglas and Myrna Lewis, fourth formers at Herondale Boarding School are returning after breaking bounds one night, when Jean sees a strange flash in the sky. Jean finds a glowing ball on the grounds and picks it up. The next morning all the girls are shrunk smaller than the ball which then starts to open up.slaves of the silver sphere


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  • Slaves of the Silver Sphere – Judy:  #403 (30 September 1967) –  #411 (25 November  1967)

3 thoughts on “Slaves of the Silver Sphere

  1. ‘Slaves Of The Silver Sphere’ ended in JUDY 411 (November 25 1967). I can’t recall the plot, Lorraine, and in any case, I’m too busy these days to reread the story. I’m picking Alex up from school in 55 minutes and then taking him to my ex-wife’s house. As it’s no longer pouring down, Lois will walk to her nan’s. We’ll all have tea there.

      1. I certainly am, Lorraine. I was out on a limb really when I was living in Merseyside, as the children had moved out, Andrew to London, Russ to Hayle in Cornwall. Russ wanted me to move down to Cornwall, and even took time off work to go up to Maghull. He basically organised everything. Result – I’ve been down here a year and a quarter, and I couldn’t be happier.

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