Caesar and Cleo


Before Mrs Amelia Weston dies, she asks her maid Cleo Payne to look after her dog Caesar. Mr Crumleigh the solicitor thinks there is another will, but the only one available divides everything among Mrs Weston’s greedy nieces, Beryl and Dora Weston and Lydia Crool. But to get the money they must live together in Mrs Weston’s house for six months and give Cleo and Caesar a home. If Cleo leaves before that time they inherit immediately, so they are trying to drive her out by making her life miserable.

Caesar 1



  • Caesar and Cleo –  #546 (02 July 1977) – #555 (03 September 1977)
  • Reprinted – Mandy:  #945 (23 February 1985) – #954?


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