Tina’s Tin Twin (1977-1978)


Tina Tomkins is not a bright pupil although her father is a famous scientist. One day, Dad builds a robot double of Tina, named Tara, which can learn any subject in minutes. Unfortunately, Tara turns evil.


  • Translated into Dutch as ‘Gloria’s robot tweelingzusje’ (Gloria’s robot twin) – Kitty #3 (1980)
  • Translated into Spanish as “Tina y su doble” (Tina and her double) and published in ‘Lily’ in 1984.
  • Image from Spanish translation.


  • Tina’s Tin Twin – Bunty: #1031 (15 October 1977) – #1045 (21 January 1978)

7 thoughts on “Tina’s Tin Twin (1977-1978)

  1. This story was re-printed in the Netherlands in the third issue of short lived comic Kitty (only four monthly issues were published in 1980) as ‘Gloria’s robot tweelingzusje’ (Gloria’s robot twin).

  2. I read this story many years ago. I assume there is no way to find it printed nowadays. Thank you very much for the information.

    1. Hi Karen, unfortunately for Bunty stories there’s no updated prints, you can get lucky on ebay sometimes or 30th Century Comics

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