Sorry, Sue


Janie Clarke is now ashamed of how her jealousy made foster-girl Sue Grant so miserable that she went back to the children’s home. A year later they meet up again in a new locality and school. Janie is trying to find a way to convince Sue of her contrition. But her attempts always go wrong and give the impression she is still persecuting Sue.



  • Artist: Paddy Brennan


  • Sorry, Sue – M&J:  #34  (4 January 1991) –  #41 (February 22 1992)

2 thoughts on “Sorry, Sue

  1. This was an interesting story, after so many stories of girls trying to get rid of siblings/foster siblings/ cousins it makes a nice change of pace showing the repercussions of a jealous girl.

  2. I like this story for the same reason. You see so many stories about spiteful girls out to get rid of foster girls/ cousins in DCT that it gets old. This is the only story I have seen to explore the aftermath.

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