The Tammy Trilogy


A trilogy of serials starring Tammy Thumbe. Her next door neighbour Bobby Brown is into chemistry, but Bobby’s formulas have strange effects on Tammy. In her first story, Tiny Tammy, Tammy shrinks whenever she gets wet. In her second story, Where’s Tammy?, Tammy becomes invisible. In her third story, Be Your Age, Tammy!, Tammy behaves either too young or too old for her age.



  • Artist: Andrew Wilson


  • Tiny Tammy – Mandy: no publication dates available
  • Where’s Tammy? – Mandy: no publication dates available
  • Be Your Age, Tammy! Mandy (?) – #1238 (6 October 1990)

Other Appearances:

  • “Where’s Tammy” – Mandy Annual 1991


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