Hedda of Hosannah Valley


Amos Calthorp and his party of pilgrims had reached the sheltered vale in America which he named “Hosannah Valley”. ¬†America was still a British Colony and the settlers were given grants of land where they immediately set about building houses. Hedda Bronsby’s father, Daniel, was in demand, being a skilled carpenter.

hedda of hossannah valley


  • Artist:¬†Christine Ellingham


  • Hedda of Hosannah Valley– Judy:¬† #873 (2 October 1976) – #886 (01 January 1977)



2 thoughts on “Hedda of Hosannah Valley

    1. Thanks, I hadn’t thought to update since she was identified as the Concrete Surfer artist. One of the few known female artists on these comics too!

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