Sailor Sally – She’s all at Sea [1973]


In World War II Sally Dixon joins the Royal Navy as a Wren. The trouble is, she’s a jinx and things just seem to go wrong around her. Fortunately nothing goes wrong when Sally hauls a mine out to sea for a destroyer to deal with – except that she gets stuck on board the destroyer as they are on urgent business and don’t have time to put her ashore. Will the destroyer find Sally the Jinx even more destructive than Hitler’s war machine?



  • Sailor Sally – She’s All at Sea Debbie: #11  (28 April 1973) – #25 (4 August 1973) [No episode in #18]
  • Sailor Sally – She’s All at Sea Debbie: #32  (22 September 1973)

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  1. ‘Sailor Sally – She’s All At Sea!’ runs in DEBBIE 11 (April 28 1973) – 25 (August 4 1973). No episode in issue 18 (June 16 1973), although there is a statement in that issue at the top of page 17 [the pages are not actually numbered], which says “Sailor Sally” will be back Next Week”

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